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Netzyme (Polymerase, d-NTPs, Pfu)

N10003 DNA Polymerase 1u/ul(Buffer 2mM MgCl2)1000uds

N10013 DNA Polymerase 1u/ul(Buffer MgCl2 FREE+50mM MgCl2)1000uds

N10038 DNA Polymerase 5u/ul 1000uds

N20038 d-NTPs mix (10 mM) - 1000uds

N10501 Pfu DNA pol.-1u/ul (Buffer with 2mM MgCl2)100uds

N10502 Pfu DNA polymerase-1u/ul( Buffer with 2mM MgCl2)250uds

N10511 Pfu DNA Polymerase 1u/ul(buffer MgCl2 free+50 mM MgCl2 solution) 100uds

N10512 Pfu DNA Polymerase 1u/ul(buffer MgCl2 free+50 mM MgCl2 solution) 250uds


CryoPinza (Cryogenic Tweezers)

​Forceps for introducing parts of organs in nitrogen liquid
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: Length 60,50,40,30 cm. 8x6x2cm. Tablet, 6x5x2cm, 5x4x2cm
Manufactured on request



EpiCult (Grownbox) 

Tight box with two lateral entrances(Septum cap), to inject gas, oxygen, etc..

Material: transparent methacrylate
Dimensions: 350x350x200mm or custom sizes
Manufactured on request


EpiGrad (Methacrylate rack for 1.5 ml eppendorf tubes)

Rack 4mm 136x42x34mm transparent methacrylate, 12 accommodation
Rack 4mm 258x42x34mm transparent methacrylate, 24 accommodations
Rack 258x82x34mm transparent methacrylate 4mm 48 accommodations
The size of the holes for the tubes can be made on demand
Units depending units